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Welcome to LlamaCraftPvP.. We are a faction PvP raid server.
Our staff got tired of playing on servers run by 12 year olds who just care about money, not the players, so we made LlamaCraft. Friendly staff, great raids, fantastic pvp: llama craft is the server for you. Our staff consists of 16-18 year olds who are devoted and mature. We guarantee that you will enjoy your stay. Our staff are almost always online, and constantly look for more ways to make your experience, as a player, simply amazing. Kits and donations are set up perfectly, so that good gear is obtainable, but not over abundant. Enjoy your stay..

We offer special ranks.
Have a YouTube?
We offer a YouTuber rank to anyone who has 200 subs and up. Based on the amount of subs you have, you will obtain a certain kit. Just make videos on the server.
200-250 Subs: Kit Youtube: Protection 2 unbreaking 2 armor, sharp 3 fire 1 sword, and 2 gapples DAILY.
251+ Subs: Kit Youtube+: Protection 3 unbreaking 3 armor, sharp 4 fire 1 sword and 3 gapples DAILY..

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