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Oldscraft - Website: http://oldscraft.com/

Server Features: Survival: PvP: Legal: (Version 1.7.9)

Total votes this month: 0 (Votifier Server)

Connection: mc.oldscraft.com Copy IP

Server status: (Uptime: 74.19 %)

Last vote: MrBeastMan771

Server Description:
Welcome to Oldscraft. This server is specially designed for the serious Minecraft player who is looking to build their detailed builds. We have the Towny plug-in to make things a bit more interesting. PvP and stealing is encouraged while Griefing is strictly not allowed. There is very limited chest protection to encourage players to join or create a town. Towns protect your builds, chests, doors, and more. So the main point of this server is to build your empire and be the most powerful with your town. Anyways, no griefing and have fun.

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Official server banner:

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