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Survival Creative PvP Legal Version 1.5.2



Welcome to the wolves den...


WulffCraft is a recently opened server owned by Frontgunner/FrozenWulff/SolarDiaster.
It was previously known as WulffBane, PlanetWulff and EverGladeCracked.


We have Anti-Grief plugins such as CoreProtect (To Rollback griefers and stolen items)
We also use the plugin PlotMe to help protect the creative world and make everything look clean.

We have 37 installed plugins and ones such as a portable crafting table allowing the use of /craft.
We also have a special Slenderman watch out...
We have RWTorchlight which provides a light around you when holding a torch.

Our server also features a 100mbps connection and 10GB of ram. For all the anti-lag people out there.

Any many many more.

If you want to apply for staff or request a plugin please sign up on our forums located below.

IP for the server is "" without quotes.

We hope you enjoy the server and welcome to the wolves den.

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