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Survival PvP Minigames Factions Votifier Server Version 1.8.8


the server do we need to staff and members so here you go for you have ranks and happy here and do not repent entered the server so enter to get the ranks and who are the top voters and have the same rank available to vote on this server so that the guyz enter and enjoy the server and you do not have to cheat to sever might be able to ban you forever ban ................. .........................? so enter you guyz and hopefully fun youll come here and not be unhappy to enter the server should be happy you because I do not want to feel sad on this server should be made fun and enjoy it and hopefully here you go the server because I really need namain for members and staff and sale also very ranks 50% of those admins will be able to buy just a 5 $ USD and Yung Head Admin will be able to buy just $ 10 USD so enter and buy the ranks and do not just abused players guyz like there ranks so do not just have to abused can I heal that there is to report to the king that there were the abused him so do you feel abused if you have any ranks on server and i also do not disguise the pvP and also to fly and gamemode in pVP because its against the abuser in the server I okk ......?

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