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Survival Creative Skyblock Legal Votifier Server Version 1.11.2


NuCraft Network

NuCraft is a Network type server with Creative, Survival and Skyblock. NuCraft first launched as a survival server. Since then we have evolved and expanded our knowledge in server development. Now before we get into the detailed stuff. Do keep in mind we are a more laid back type of server.
What this means is we arent strict about what is said in or chat. Now dont get me wrong we do not tolerate Racism, politics, bullying, and excessive cussing and spamming. You can swear to an extent. Be mature about it.

Survival Server:
Our survival server has lots of custom features to help provide a more interesting play experience. One main custom feature is our custom help menu in game. Almost anything you need help with can be answered in a helpful help menu with clickable chat. First on our custom features list is crates. Before you think it. No this is not pay to play. Our crates have in game items in them. Wither skulls, custom ranks , even pets and in game money. Crates range from: Common, Rare, Epic, and legendary. Crate keys can be earned by donating OR voting. In addition to crates we have Custom enchants. Our custom enchants are specially tailored for your survival experience. I would go into more detail but it would be easier for you to check them out yourself. Player shops. We have a custom made player shop area located outside of the server shop building. Player shops are on plots ranging in size from small to xLarge. Once you buy a plot you can then use a chest to set a a item to buy or sell. (Even has a cool hologram.) We are against Griefing/raiding but, PvP is enabled outside of player and server claims.

Creative Server:
Our creative server is fairly new but it still has the basic creative commands. We do allow the use of world edit. You can merge plots, test redstone (to an extent) or just build somthing amazing.

SkyBlock Server:
Our Skyblock server has alot of neat features to make it fun. Same as survival there are custom crates. Along side that there are quests to help you or your friends grind to be the best island out there.

Our discord server is not only used for voice communication. All server announcements are announce there first so its easy to keep up with updates. We also have chat channels for Suggestions and bug reports/somethings broken. In addition to all that we have our discord chat linked to in game chat. Cant make it online? You can still chat to your friends VIA the #survivalchat, #creativechat, #skyblockchat channel.

As i mentioned before. We are not a pay to play server. We are planning out donation perks at this time as it wasnt a priority for us :)

We hope to see you soon. - NuCraft Staff team.
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