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Survival Vanilla Hardcore Legal Votifier Server Version 1.16.5



Active since the end of 2020, we strive to continue our adventure with the growth of our community. We are a server that focuses on the activity of our community and making sure everyone is enjoying their time with the full experience of Minecraft.

Since the beginning of our server, we aimed to provide the normal Minecraft experience without the stress of being robbed, griefed, etc. We are not P2W (pay-to-win) so getting an advantage on someone based solely on money is not possible. We push our players to put time into the server and become known in the community.

We are a semi-vanilla server (some plugins are implemented) that features everything a vanilla server can do with the feel of vanilla as well. We have plugins so our staff can prevent things such as stealing, griefing, and, all-around, rule breakers.

We are a whitelisted server so join our discord to fill out an application.

If you dont have time to put effort into our application, we dont have time to accept you.

We hope to see you as a part of our community and be the right server for you.

Join our discord now to get started:

(Java & Bedrock Crossplay)

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