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Survival PvP Vanilla Cracked Votifier Server Version 1.12.2


1. It is an Anarchy server, so there are no rules and everything is allowed, no censorship or bans.

2. Hacked Clients, Exploits and Glitches are fully allowed, they wont be patched as we feel it is not Anarchy if the admin patches exploits, glitches and hacks as it is Anarchy of course.

3. If you cant stand your bases being grieved and raided, than this is not a server for you.

4. Do be aware that Anarchy server have no rules and nobody gets banned + everything is allowed, so also toxic messages, toxic behavior and political incorrect chatting, bases and builds are allowed.

If you want to join the server, feel free to join, but stay alive out there and much love to 2B2T and Constantium.

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