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New Beginnings Minecraft started out 4 years ago with a small group of friends and has grown into a community with over 3,000 registered accounts. That being said our player base is not nearly that large, we usually top out at 25 people online at once and 10 people is an average night. We are a very small tight knit community focused group.

First off, we are using a custom map with gorgeous biomes and very unique scenery. Despite it being custom, you can still mine for all resources at virtually all Y levels and the underground system is even larger than your typical survival map. Oceans sit lower to make for much larger mountain-scapes.

Historically we reset the map every time a major patch came out, but with such a large map we have decided it won’t reset to encourage large scale projects.

We use a variety of premium plugins, which are entirely self-funded through generous donations to keep the server running. Everything invested into the server returns to the server in content release/maintenance and premium plugin installations. (Some of which are our Shop plugin, McMMO, an inventory management plugin, etc.)

We have recently uploaded a new map which is not custom and is primarily for resource gathering/exploration. This map has no livemap to promote a sense of wonder, and is also used for PvP among the player-base.

We also offer a monthly building competition where we allow the players to claim plots and build a build in teams or solo in a designated theme. These get judged on a variety of factors and we give those winners prizes from in-game prizes to real life gift cards.

Rules: We have a lot of trust in our players, and have CoreProtect to track and ban griefers. Here are our basic rules:

You may not:
Grief, steal and hack.
PvP unless both parties agree to PvP.
Build in unauthorized areas, or buildings that do not comply to town rules.
A more comprehensive rule list can be found at
You may:
Start your own towns.
Build anywhere that is free on the map (Unless marked not so).
Kill as many mobs and NPCs as you want.
Have access to the nether, adventure and end world.
Respect staff and other users and enjoy their trust and respect back.
Have fun.

Server Hardware: Dedicated SSD Server with an Intel Xeon processor and 32GB DDR3 RAM

Plugins: [Essentials] [WorldBorder] [Coreprotect] [Worldguard] [Multiverse] [McMMO] [Shop]

Owner: Hitsua

Admins: A_Trusty_Fox, _sin
Moderators: Xavian, ReverseTherapy, Godfrey9, Mikestriker
Softmods: Kaharz, Reddead422, Fluzarches

Special thanks to the following PMC members for publicly listing their builds: Moonti (Map), ScarletBox (Maarso - spawn town), Madnes64 (Cathedral and Castle) and a few others I cannot find.

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