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Survival Creative PvP Kingdom Minigames Factions Legal Version 1.7.10


Rocket Games
Rocket Games is a newly started out server that has several game-modes, including a survival server, RPG server, Team warfare server, Arcade server and a KitPvP server, these can all be accessed from the hub.

The main aspect of RocketPVP is kitpvp, we have a variety of unique kits, some with special abilities, such as double jump or switch players positions ect, and soups which insta heal your health when drunk to enchance PVP. All kits can be earned through gameplay, we have the main arena/map at spawn, and also various other maps such as EarlyHG and 1V1.

We also have some mini-games to play, such as TNTRun, Survival Games, Spleef, Capture The Castle, Treasure Hunt and more. These are a mix between classic gamemodes, and some that we have invented ourselves.

RocketRPG is a newly started out RPG server, The map is custom made and is 500 by 500 blocks.
There are resource plots dotted around the map, which reset at 5 minute intervals. Their are also several boss fights which range in difficulty. Mobs have custom items and amour, from uncommon to legendary tiers. You can sell items you have collected at various stores around the map, you can also buy items at some of these stores. To trade with other players, type /trade invite [name]. Once you have enough money you can type /rankup, to revive the next rank. Each rank has a different prefix, and a unique item. Also each rank has a book in which a chapter of the story line is written. Lastly the map has a wilderness, here PVP is on, and players can break and place blocks, so watch out.
We will be adding quests shortly.

The arcade is a fun place to play play quick mini-games such as OITQ, Skywars ect. The arcade isnt finished yet, so not all game-modes have been added.

RocketMIW + Survival
RocketMIW is a team warfare server with guns, each team battles the other to gain no mans land, this server is also still in development, along with our survival server.

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