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Minecraft User:


minecraft server information
Server features: Survival: PvP: Cracked: (Version 1.7.4)
Total votes this month: 2 (Votifier Server)
Connection: play.nitrocraftmc.com:25736 Copy IP
Server status: status (Uptime: 39.63 %)
Last vote: Maarten1

Server description: Minecraft server (since 8 august 2013) with:
✔ FactionsPVP
✔ SkyBlock
✔ Minigames
✔ Hungergames
✔ KitPVP
✔ Vote rewards
✔ Donate ranks
✔ High Uptime

-=- Vote reward: -=-
-=- 4 diamonds
-=- Iron armor
-=- 20 XP-bottles
-=- $500 Ingame money

Nitrocraft server banners
Official server banner:

server banner

Dynamic server banners:

Banner 1
Banner 2
Banner 3
BBCode Forums
468x60 Realtime
300x90 Hourly
366x147 Realtime

Youtube video trailer of this minecraft server

The server admin has not yet send a server video.
Once he did this, the video will appear.

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